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Life & Spice, by Myers & Reed

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Ghosts from the past,

And the relentless momentum of time...

On September 8, 1900, a hurricane unlike any previously recorded hit Galveston, Texas. To this day, an exact death toll cannot be confirmed, but the harrowing storm continues to be known as one of the worst human and geographic tragedies in America’s young history.

In the midst of all the destruction, faith saved a fisherman from a vicious sea. Over a century later in the very same post office-turned-restaurant where the impossible occurred, his story lives on.

The restaurant is now an historical site preserving the mail slot that accepted his letter to God when he thought he would never see his beloved family again. Called Vita e Spezie tourists from everywhere come to see where the miracle took place—and sometimes post their own letters of desperation, loneliness, and need.

The Italian family operating the third-generation establishment is dealing with their own crises. Health issues, past mistakes, and daily stress are wearing them down, and there are signs the business won’t be around for another generation.

Then the arrival of a gifted pastry chef–and hours later—a son thought lost, changes everything. Suddenly, the family that believes they took on a burden too great when they promised to honor the past, discovers their future is a gift from the past. And from it flows an ultimate truth…

Perhaps there are no accidents.


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A FLOCK OF SPARROWS, by Helen Foster Reed

ISBN: 13:978-1530851324

A moving, dramatic and uplifting story by a new voice!

It’s just before Thanksgiving in East Texas when five widows band together to survive the onslaught of a premature, once-in-a-century winter storm.

Not all of the adventure and drama is happening outside. Hour by hour, emotional and psychological upheaval grows as secrets are revealed, until all five are forced to understand that sometimes you have to risk everything to reach life’s richest plateaus.

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